I love March. There are lots of reasons: the return of warm spring weather, St. Patrick’s Day (I’m Irish by marriage), my birthday (Pisces), but mostly, the NCAA college tournament March Madness. If you like college basketball, or underdogs, or Cinderella stories you have to love the tournament. For years, even if I wasn’t in

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I have always enjoyed March Madness. To me it is a more cerebral look at college basketball. I sit down with a bracket and reflect on the season, and then methodically move from spot to spot until I crown a national champion. Then the actual tournament starts and I get to see how well I

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My recurring nightmare. God help us all!                                     Joe A. and I are celebrating spring break this week which means there will probably be a vacation blog or two in your future. By the way, today’s cartoon was created by

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We have a special treat, not just a guest blogger, but also our first female guest blogger.  Today’s blog is by Laura Somers, writer/director of ManDoula, a comedy film about a commitment-phobic slacker who becomes a birth coach for men.  Enjoy. Any woman who has given birth will tell you that she was grateful to

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Bracket madness is upon us. Here’s a little video we found of all the different types of brackets out there. Enjoy.

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Every year I fill out a bracket for March Madness mostly just to say I did. I have turned some of them in for office pools (I do pretty well) and have given them to my children for school pools (my daughter won pizza last year by beating her teachers bracket), but mostly just do

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I live a comfortable life. Combined, my wife and I (mostly my wife) make enough money to have a nice house, feed our family, occasionally go on vacation. My wife hates spending money. I’m a cheap date. So between the two of us, we’re pretty good with our money. That’s why it’s always trouble when

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Previously, Matt W. mentioned the Beloit Mindset list for the university’s incoming freshman class. It’s used as a tool for the faculty to understand the mindset of the students they’re about to teach. Here it is: For this generation of entering college students, born in 1995, Dean Martin, Mickey Mantle, and Jerry Garcia have always

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So, I’m at the vet with my dog. My dog had been really sick and this was just one of those follow-up type appointments to bilk me out of a few more dollars, because my dog can’t talk and say he’s fine. But as with most other vet customers, it was for my dog so

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I’m married to a superhero. This is not a sappy blog about how my wife is Wonder Woman or Supergirl. I didn’t marry that kind of hero. I married Hawkgirl, the mace wielding, winged, redhead from a warrior planet. My son and I were watching a Justice League cartoon. (We’ve watched quite a few episodes.)

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On Monday, Joe A. wrote about how his mother thought he should go into computers and his aptitude tests directed him toward a career in the circus. Apparently every once in a while you should listen to your mother. Nah. Well anyway, as I had recently written about bees, I remembered a comic about bee career

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So on the opening night of the movie Monuments Men, my wife and daughter and I break the first rule of movie viewing, “If a movie is over advertised, don’t go, because it’s probably not that good.” But my daughter wanted to see it and it turned out to be a solid movie. Not academy

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I was supposed to be a billboard sign painter or a circus performer, at least according to my high school “Interests and Aptitude Test.” At the time, it was funny, but as I think about it, those actually don’t sound that bad. Even then I guess I had an interest in the creative arts and

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