Between my wife being too tired to see a late movie, and my kid rarely having his homework finished on a weekend, lately I’ve had a hard time getting out to the movies. But it doesn’t stop me from boldly predicting awards for movies I haven’t seen. Here are my thoughts: Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio,

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There’s a funny story about how I met my next door neighbor in the first house my wife and I owned. We had been living in our new house as newly-weds a couple of weeks and hadn’t introduced ourselves to our neighbors yet. I noticed that my next-door neighbor had three bee hives in his back yard up

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“Getting older sucks,” was a frequent refrain from my mother. I think it was about the time she got bifocals. Looking back, she shouldn’t have complained, she didn’t get bifocals until deep into her 50s. Until I couldn’t read the labels in grocery stores without my glass or had to do stretches to keep my

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Joe A. and I talk a lot about the staggereing level of entitlement combined with complete unawareness the younger generations display. I was recently reminded of this great Saturday Night Live skit. I hope you enjoy. The last line is my favorite.                 I also just read this article

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So Joe A. once wrote about words he had learned from his wife. I thought I should write a blog about words my wife has learned from me. It was a disappointing list as all the words were made up and she rarely uses them. Next. So then I thought, I should just make a

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Just a quick post while we’re on vacation. For some reason, this cracks me up. Enjoy.

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This is the best Valentine’s Day card ever. In a guy kind of way. Enjoy.  

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The other day I received a phone call while I was making dinner. I didn’t recognize the number. “Hello.” “Are you missing something?” said the man on the other end. “I’m sorry, what do you mean?” is my confused reply. “Are you missing something?” he again questioned. “I have no clue what you are talking

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Football season is over and I’m wrapping up my thoughts on the NFL. Other than my beloved Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, I had one lingering thought about the state of the NFL. While I am half-Japanese/half-Mexican, I am not the Politically Correct police. But, it’s 2014 and there’s still a professional sports team with

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We won the Super Bowl! I say we because I am a 12. 700,000 of my fellow 12′s show’d up to celebrate the Seahawks Super Bowl Victory. I wish I could have been there.     This is the first in a long line of Seattle Championships. Go Seahawks and go 12′s!

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While I am not a huge fan of trash talking while playing sports, I do like the witty side of smack talk associated with sporting events. And as my Seahawk team was in the Super Bowl this past Sunday, there has been a lot of opportunity for smack talk in my life lately. I live in

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My throat is hoarse from cheering. Many of my predictions came true. I’m still recovering from a night celebrating. So, I’m just going to link to this. Go Hawks.

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