It’s time for my annual end of the year review of some of my favorite blogs from Matt W. It’s always fun to look back and reread posts and be reminded of some of the clever writing that Matt W. does. In no particular order, here are my five favorite posts from Matt W. I’m

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In the olden days before DVDs, Blurays, and DVRs, every holiday season I’d race through the TV Guide to find when the specials were going to be on and scream at my mom to mark the calendar so I wouldn’t forget. I have fond memories of getting in the holiday spirit by sitting around and

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Joe A. wrote about No More Christmas Cards in his post this week. He mentioned his favorite card was the classic The Far Side card from Gary Larson, where kids see Santa’s remains in the chimney. Only Larson could make me laugh out loud with that disturbing scene. I saw this card from Ian Baker and also thought

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One of the ongoing debates in my marriage is about our plates and bowls. I think that when you sit down to eat, you should have a big enough plate or bowl that you don’t have to fill it multiple times to get enough to eat. My wife agrees, as long as your appetite is

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It’s the holiday season and I’ve given up on sending out Christmas cards. It started after Thanksgiving, when I got excited to pick a cool card and send a quick “I’m thinking of you” card to my friends and family. Maybe do them while sipping hot cocoa by the fire. That’s a holiday image. Then

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Christmas trees are popping up all over the place. Here’s one for Male Pattern Madness.

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Tipping rules need to change. When I was a kid, everyone did most everything for themselves. We didn’t have dog walkers, car detailers, personal trainers or paid coaches for kids. Most of the jobs were in manufacturing and as most people didn’t track-down the line worker that tightened the bolts on their new Chevy Impala

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During the holiday season, whenever I see some mistletoe, I’m brought back to a fond memory of the best kiss ever. With all respect to my wife, the “best kiss” happened during high school a decade before I met her. And when I told her I was going to write about the best kisser in

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This week I wrote about how I thought passengers weren’t ready for cell phone usage on planes. Here is Joe Heller’s take on the issue. Be safe and have a great weekend!  

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During this current holiday travel season, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently made public its proposed lifting of the cell phone ban on planes. Please no. People aren’t very good at using cell phones politely. For every whispered, “So great to hear from you, but I’m in a restaurant, let me call you back in

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We just celebrated Thanksgiving in Las Vegas and took a quick trip to the Grand Canyon before returning to Los Angeles. At some point, my wife says, “We’re making memories.” So, I thought I’d list a couple of memories from the holidays with my family. My Japanese mother learned to cook what she thought was

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