My wife has made hundreds of Halloween costumes; it’s her thing. My children have been characters ranging from Batman and Robin, pirates, and revolutionary war heroes to pigs, sheep and penguins. They are all amazing (I say “are” because most are in a costume box in the basement)! I have for the most part stayed

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As you may remember in last year’s post, I like to make my own costumes and I don’t much like my wife’s ideas for costumes. But this year the fates conspired against me and I ended up buying matching costumes with my wife. It started last month when we got an invitation to a 60s

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To 3D Or Not To 3D Joe A. reviewed the movie Gravity in this week’s post. I mentioned in a comment that the review at called To 3D Or Not To 3D had given Gravity a perfect score; something I hadn’t seen on their site. So I went to see the movie, paid for

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Years ago, there was a forward for the Seattle Super Sonics named Shawn Kemp. He was amazing. In the first game I saw him play, he jumped and pulled down a rebound that he literally grabbed from above the backboard. All the other players looked like mere mortals playing next to superman. He was an

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Male Pattern Madness is not really a movie blog, so sometimes we pass along things to watch when we find out about them. This weekend I saw Gravity and was blown away. From start to finish, it’s a fantastic piece of film-making. The look, performances and the story, all top notch. The director, Alfonso Cuarón

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Monday I wrote about words I didn’t know until I met my wife. Here is the best example of a “sconce” ever.  

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So the other day, I started to step off an elevator at work just to be run into by a woman looking down as she entered the elevator (seriously people, let everyone off the elevator prior to entering). Just as I was about to think semi-rude thoughts about her, she apologized in the most beautiful

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Occasionally, there are words or phrases that I have never come across that seem to be common knowledge. In my late twenties, while discussing a wilting plant I heard the word flaccid for the first time. (I blame my incredible masculinity.) But when I met my wife, I was introduced to a whole lexicon of

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Well, this is the end of women’s hormones are wacky week here at MPM. So to pull it all together I found a few comics decribing the different stages of a woman’s hormonal life through a man’s eye.                     And finally something to look forward to.  

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I’ve been married for over 25 years. While I definitely got the better end of the deal, there have been many times when my wife literally lost her mind. Like when she was pregnant and yelled at me to clean up the dishes I left on the counter, which she had actually left on the

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Hormones are a powerful thing. I can fully attest to a woman’s changes during and after pregnancy. In fact, I sort of consider it my life’s work to warn fathers-to-be of what lies ahead. Whenever we run into an expectant couple, my wife will go into her spiel extolling the virtues of breastfeeding. While she

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Matt W. wrote about not jinxing the Seahawk’s comeback by bring his daughter back into the room. So, here are a couple of the Bud Light commercials that feature the universal notion of doing whatever it takes to help your team win. Enjoy. (For some reason, the volume on the players is automatically set to

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Let me set the scene. I’m watching the Seattle Seahawks get pummeled by Houston on TV with my wife and daughter. My wife has been laid up with a sore back and hasn’t really left the recliner the last few days. In the 3rd quarter with the Seahawks still way down, my wife says she

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