I often say, “The internet is great when it’s not being evil.” Opposite of cyber bullying, spam and porn is the cumulative knowledge of society on Wikipedia, social media helping propel the Arab Spring and Meetup.com for finding people with similar interests. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and am a lifelong Seattle Seahawks

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                        Joe A. addressed the age old topic of Thermostat Wars this past Monday. In his blog he mentioned that 75 degrees was to cold which is indeed crazy. So the Male Pattern Madness research staff went off to the old World Wide Web

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I recently took CPR, AED and First Aid training. The class was fairly fast paced and we skipped around a great deal. I was a bit frustrated because it felt like we were missing a lot, especially when compared to the last time I took the training many years ago. The woman next to me

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Summer’s coming to an end and the temperatures are cooling a bit. Which in general is a good thing, but causes problems in my house because my wife and I are on different pages about how to control the thermostat. When the weather outside is hot, there’s no question the air conditioning needs to be

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We wrote about the evil that is texting and found this Thai commercial. Enjoy

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I had to take CPR and First Aid training as part of the contract I’m on at work. I took the training last week. I sat between a 30-year-old woman and a 55-year-old man. When I walked in, the woman was reviewing her e-mails and texts and actively responding. The thought that went through my

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There are certain technologies that define generations: the steam engine, the automobile, the computer. Texting seems to be the next technology break. Hating texting is definitely a sign of an older generation. While I don’t officially hate it, I am middle-aged and don’t really see the reason for the obsession among younger people. I was

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I wrote about things parents do for their kids this week. Here’s a cute picture I found. Enjoy.  

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People driving in the left hand lane have always pissed me off. Seriously, it’s for passing. If you’re not passing another car, get out of it. Well, the other day, as I drove back home through the winding North Carolina Mountains, I was stuck behind a white Subaru in the left lane. There were eight

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During an emotional exchange between my wife and my just-teenage son, among other proclamations of how much she loves him, my wife declares, “I’d die for you.” Well, of course that put an end to his argument and he begrudgingly did what she’d been asking him to do. (A pretty low blow if you ask

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The start of a new football season. The Seahawks are awesome this year. Russell Wilson will be league MVP. These things are a given. Watching as many games as possible however, is not. So my suggestion to all Male Pattern Madness reading football fans is to do a little extra work around the house this weekend and get your

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So, I took another red-eye flight. There are two things that I don’t like about red-eye flights. It is uncomfortable to sleep in an airline seat, and, well… they let other people on board. I’m still recovering from my latest adventure. I’m originally from the West coast, so most of my travels to see family

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I’m taking the Labor Day holiday off today and posting a quick picture. The NFL teams have finalized their rosters and are down to the 53 man maximum which reminded me of a picture from a couple of years ago. It’s a rooking sitting at his locker which is next to a veteran’s locker. Enjoy.

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