Monday, Joe A posted an article about interns. Here’s Dilbert’s take on the subject. Enjoy.

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The other day I called my son when he happened to be hanging out with his girlfriend on Green Lake in Seattle. I said, “Oh, I will let you go but the house I lived in when I was a little kid is just down the street from where you parked. You should drive by.

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Internships are not meant to be jobs; they’re learning opportunities. Recently, a couple of interns sued a major movie studio saying they should have been paid. The basic premise of their suit was that as unpaid interns, they didn’t learn anything and therefore were just free workers. The courts agreed and they got their back

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Earlier this week I went to a presentation at the University of Tennessee featuring Bill McKibben, author of the book, Eaarth. The freshman class at UT had all been assigned this book as summer reading, and this presentation was a kick-off event for the year. Recently there have been numerous articles written about how this

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Toward the end of my senior year of high school, Joe A. and I, along with a couple buddies decided we would take a road trip. Now up until that point of my life, road trips had been a family affair, and while they seemed epic in nature, the furthest we had ever driven as a family

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The last days of summer are here. And we’ve had a few friends drive into town and hang out. And I’m reminded of the summer road trips my family used to take as a kid. Like National Lampoon’s Vacation, my dad would pile the family into the van and head across the country from our

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Monday I wrote about an adventurer. I was reminded of a picture I saw. Feels like a dad training his child to be an adventurer. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

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The other day, I was talking with a fellow employee about a project we were working on. I get along with this woman very well and enjoy when we get to work together which is fairly often. As I left her office this particular time, I said, “Have a great day!” Her reply of, “I

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I know an adventurer. His name is Erden Eruc. And as a guy, if you can’t be an adventurer, the next best thing is to be friends with an adventurer. There aren’t many adventurers left in the world, so to know one is pretty cool. Erden holds the record for most days in a solo

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Joe A. and I regularly address customer service or more specifically the lack there of. I saw this the other day and got a good laugh. Enjoy. Have a great weekend!

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I think I am a perfect customer, but maybe not. I am willing to pay full price for a quality product, I never use coupons, I don’t waste time in stores, and I am incredibly loyal to stores or restaurants that meet my expectations. If these expectations are met, I frequent the establishment. If not,

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Cable television has become the place where quality television thrives. For the last two years, 0 broadcast network shows were nominated for Outstanding Drama, the nominees were from HBO, Showtime, AMC, PBS, even Netflix. One of the standouts and my favorite is Breaking Bad. The show where, as creator Vince Gilligan puts it, “Mr. Chips

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A fan sent this recently. I think it’s a good idea. Enjoy.

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