I used to buy my dad Old Spice cologne every Father’s day (He didn’t wear ties.) I found this commercial online and thought it was perfect for your blog. Enjoy.

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Every year during NFL draft season, some potential superstar scores incredibly low on the Wonderlic. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this test, it is a sort of IQ test with 50 SAT type questions. The lowest score I have ever heard of for an NFL draftee is 6 and the highest is

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I saw the Superman reboot this weekend. This is a review with spoilers. So, stop reading if you haven’t seen it yet. I love movies; I love superheros. So how could I not be excited about another superhero movie? Because I love all things superhero, my standards are pretty low for a passing grade. I

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I’m a huge Seattle Mariner fan. I have never wavered in my support of the Mariners. Alvin Davis was my favorite player for the M’s years ago. Dave Neihaus was the best sportscaster ever. Ever. Edgar Martinez was awesome. I follow their minor league system religiously, and therefore can talk to you about any of their past,

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I’ve had the exact same haircut for well over 30 years. Now there have been good ones and bad ones (haircut), but for the most part, no change. When I have to actually use a comb, it’s too long and I go to the barber. Simple. Women’s hair on the other hand is a tough one.  I

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Two years ago, Matt W and I launched this little endeavor known as Male Pattern Madness. It was the brainchild of Matt W’s unemployment boredom, my urge to have a creative outlet, and our chats on the phone were we made each other laugh. I thought I’d give our readers a little peak at our

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It was two years ago that we started Male Pattern Madness. We’ll have a few changes coming in the next year. Being dad’s, often our wish for Father’s Day is to be left alone. So, we’ll keep this short. Enjoy.

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My kid loves to read. Most parents are envious of that trait. They often marvel over his voracious reading. He’ll go through novels like a regular kid goes through a bag of chips. If left to his own devices, he’d just read, eat, play video games, then read some more. But what the other parents

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Every man needs to learn to be a better listener (according to women), and every woman needs to just fix the problem instead of talk about it (according to men). Jason Headley put together a funny video with his take on this issue. Enjoy. Have a great weekend!

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While I still consider myself a west coaster, I’ve actually lived in Tennessee for almost a decade now. When we were finalizing our move, everyone I knew was kind of horrified at the prospect of living in the South. But for the most part, bigger cities are all fairly similar, and I don’t live in

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My wife’s car got the latest registration sticker in the mail. So, I went out to put the new sticker on her license plate. I have to remove the license plate because the top corner of the sticker is underneath the plate frame. That’s when it all went south and “turned into a thing.” The

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