Just cause I thought it was cool. I thought I’d link to this clip of a robot Motorhead band playing Ace of Spades. Enjoy.

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  While Joe A. would book himself an MRI like he would a massage or a Hawaiian vacation; me, not so much. I had my first MRI years ago. First, let me give you a little information about myself: I am not claustrophobic. Loud noises do not upset me. The width of my shoulders is

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A friend just blew out his knee playing basketball. He’s probably headed toward surgery. But before he knows for sure, he’s scheduled for an MRI. Other friends were telling their MRI stories and they were all unpleasant. But my MRI experience has me looking forward to the day I need another. After a few months

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The term hero has been used quite a bit lately. I think that strong words like hero are typically overused, but that certainly isn’t the case recently. Unfortunately, there have just been a lot of opportunities for heroism.  There can be no doubt that any person who throws their body over small children and holds

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Strip Malls suck. As a City Planner in a past life, it always sickened me to approve these abominations. First there are the awful traffic patterns. Last year there was over $3 billion dollars worth of damage in reported parking lot accidents. Reported being the key word in that sentence. As strip malls are typically

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I am for globalization and world wide economic interconnectedness. And I get a chuckle out of Matt W’s rants on his tech support struggles. So, here’s a little moment that Matt can add to his collection of anecdotes. I had some trouble with a piece of software and needed some technical support. So, after patiently

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I’m a bit of a Trekky; I admit it freely. I don’t speak Klingon, I didn’t watch all the spin-offs, really just TOS (Trek talk for The Original Series.), meaning the 60’s TV series starring Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, et al. A few summers ago, JJ Abrahm’s reboot of the franchise got off to a

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I am old; at least in terms of technology. The other day, I received an e-mail confirming that the e-mail I had sent had been forwarded on. Here is a line from the e-mail. This is the e-mail from Matt…:) So the first thing that crosses my mind is “Where is the first parenthesis? What

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Snail mail, Email, Text, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. There’s a saying that throughout most of human history information traveled as fast as the horse. That’s it. Then the telegraph came a long and news traveled as fast as electricity. Nowadays if it takes more than a nano-second for an email to arrive, we complain about how

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This week I wrote about buying a new car. And it reminded me of my first car, a ’72 Chevy Nova with roll down windows. And I found this picture. When will people not know what the “roll down your window” circular motion means?

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What is the biggest difference between women and men? While there are many different ways to tell the difference most have some sort of societal tie that really doesn’t get to the core of our non-physical differences. How we dress, what we read, the games we play, in many ways link back to what we

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No sane person likes buying a new car. There is a reason the stereotype of car dealers is sleazy, fast-talking, swindlers. Because it’s true. Some of my friends are car salesmen and I’m sure they’re the “exception” to this rule. First, we had to choose what type of car to get. By nature, I’m a

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While reading Joe A.’s piece about his beloved car it reminded me of “Car Talk”. Over the years I have driven to an astronomical number of soccer, volleyball, swimming, cross country and baseball practices. And when these drives happened to have fallen to fall on a Saturday, the NPR Saturday morning line-up is always on

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Goal setting drives me crazy, it always has. One of the reasons is the wide variety of tasks that can fall under “goal setting.” While John F. Kennedy told the nation to “commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to

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