Even President Obama has his picks for the NCAA tournament.  Check out this video. Does the FBI give him inside info? Judging from previous years, I don’t think so.

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I really don’t follow NCAA basketball as much as I used to. But as I am still a male citizen of the United States of America and still draw a breath on this planet, I think it is my God given duty to fill out a bracket for March Madness. You just have to. This

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Since we’re both being old guys this week. Here’s a little age test I found. Enjoy.

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I went to see the film Side Effects recently with my wife. I’ll give you a brief plot synopsis. It is the story of a psychiatrist counseling a suicidal young woman, and as she continues to become more distraught, he changes her drugs, which produce strange side effects, played in a theater in front of

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In the theaters Oz, The Great and Powerful, is playing as a prequel to the beloved family movie The Wizard of Oz. Thankfully, Disney wasn’t crazy enough to try and remake one of the best family movies ever. Many of our generation have cherished memories of The Wizard of Oz movie. When literature snobs like

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For no particular reason, but I thought this was pretty funny. And yes, I am a bit of a Trekky.

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I’m old school. I’m not a big fan of texting, twitter, reality TV. I like Major League Baseball as it has held on to most of its traditions and really could care less about the NBA as it has not. Coke, yes; Pepsi, no. And so on. So when it comes to golf, I’m sure

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Every so often, a fad or a phrase hits our popular culture and spreads to the point that everyone is using it, often to the point of annoyance. I’m sure everyone remembers the “Whaaas up?” commercials. Like that commercial, some of them can be traced back to their origins. Some are a little more mysterious

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While watching the weekly news, there was a story that accidents and deaths among teen drivers, had actually increased in the past two years. With improvements in car safety and stricter laws requiring fewer teenagers riding in cars together their rates had been decreasing for quite some time. However, in the last couple of years

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For many years, I lived in Utah. I lived in a neighborhood that was 98% Mormon. I was not. One of the first things I realized in my neighborhood is that nobody does anything on Sundays. Most establishments are actually closed, but those that are open are typically empty, and therefore it is a great

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Through years of working with contractors either at work or on my house, I’ve had good ones and bad ones. There was the contractor who went above and beyond and surprised me with a custom built stereo cabinet. And there was the electrician who showed up with a friend and told him what to do

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I’m not sure I could watch hours of this “sport,” but I’m pretty sure I would enjoy at least some of it.

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