I’m going to be a really good grandfather. The other day my daughter asked me a question and as I had been thinking about my grandfather and ignoring her question (In my defense, I didn’t even know she was talking to me, she and her mother talk ALL the time and I had gone to

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When I was single, I watched a lot of sports, NBA basketball, NFL football, college football, NCAA March Madness, MLB world series, etc. It was a great Sunday when I could watch both the 10am football game, the 1pm game and have a marquee match up for the Sunday Night game. Ah, that was the

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Well Joe A. and I took our best shot at the upcoming Academy Award winners. Now let’s see what the experts have to say. A reviewer that used to work for the LA Times has put together a web-site that consolidates the critic’s predictions, here is the link. http://www.goldderby.com/odds/experts/85/ Also, if you want your own

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Here are my predictions for the Oscars this year. First off, I am not in the movie industry like Joe A. so my decisions aren’t based on industry know-how like his, but unlike Joe A., I have actually seen some of the movies. So to the predictions. Supporting Actors & Actresses I think the supporting

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Not only do I work in movies but I love to watch movies too. So, when it’s awards season, I get a little extra fun out of the whole handicapping the winners. Here are my thoughts: Best Actor: Joaquin Pheonix, The Master-Nobody saw this movie. So, no. Denzel Washington, Flight-Same as above. Hugh Jackman, Les

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Sometimes I think women are speaking a different language than men. While the words make sense grammatically, the combination of words is indeed foreign and confusing to me. Here are some examples. “Why don’t you try a veggie dog instead of a brat?” or “I threw away your favorite Seahawks sweatshirt because it had a

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I resisted having a housekeeper for a long time. In California, labor is cheap. Hand car washes, yard service, and housekeeping are all very reasonably priced. I grew up working-class and feel funny about not cleaning my own house or tending my own landscape. It all feels very bourgeois. My attitude changed when I and

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When I first read Joe A.’s fight blog from Monday, my first thought was the movie Fight Club. While not part of the movie’s cult following, I along with, I imagine, most men, get what they are talking about. As Joe A. mentioned, we really do size each other up and sometimes even wonder what

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For years, I have been pretty clutch when it comes to competition. If I am paying attention and understand what the score is, which is indeed a pretty big “if,” I’m your guy. While this used to take place on tavern league softball and basketball teams and while playing golf with my buddies, in middle

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Another Superbowl is done and predictably I ate too many hot wings. The thing that struck me during all the cheering over big hits is that boys are bellicose. Men are too. There’s always some level of competitiveness in our play or camaraderie. A desire to establish top dog, to be able to prove that

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Hi all. Today is our 250th post. Wow, that’s a lot. By way of example here are some interesting 250s. The International Space Station sits approximately 250 miles above Earth. The city of Alexandria was the center of world knowledge in 250 b.c. The average NFL linebacker weighs 250 lbs. The area code in British

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