For years, I’ve watched a lot of different crime dramas on TV. I pick the guilty person at about a 95% success rate within the first 20 minutes of the show. My kids thought for years I should quit my job and sign on with the local police force as a detective; I am that

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In the digital age, everyone’s music is on a hard drive or their phone. I’ve renewed my efforts to copy the last of my CDs to my hard drive. Dutifully scanning any odd art work that isn’t available online and correctly labeling the actual publishing years for individual songs on the “Best of” albums (not

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Well, as I mentioned Wednesday, it took a broken sink to find a product made in the U.S.A. Since then I have actually found quite a few more; you just have to look. While searching on the Internet I found numerous sites that have links to all sorts of products that are Made in the U.S.

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So over the holidays, I ventured into stores and shopped over the internet. I am not a big shopper. I rarely go into stores or even surf the internet for products unless I’m trying to score points with my wife. The holidays are slightly different, but really only because my wife doesn’t buy ALL her

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After reading Matt W’s piece on horse-sheep clones, here’s a clip from Napoleon Dynamite and the famous liger scene. Enjoy.

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The other day, I was driving down the road past the local hardware store. Hardware stores that aren’t Home Depot or Lowes are always interesting to me. How do they actually survive when competing against the big box stores?  I guess with good customer service and by offering specialty products. As I drove by, I

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It’s awards season in Hollywood. One nice perk of my various Guild and Society memberships is that I get to see movies for free. Unfortunately, with my wife’s schedule, she won’t see a movie unless she is home in bed by 10:00 pm because she’ll get too tired and fall asleep. And although she says

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So comes to an end another week of the new year. As Joe A. talked about sports superstitions (don’t break the Seahawk mojo Joe A.), and I talked about Downton Abbey, I thought that this was a good week for a Top 10 list and couldn’t decide between most superstitious athletes (Wade Boggs was a

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Every Christmas, my side of the family picks a theme for gift giving. This year it was “Favorite Things.” So everyone in the family picked out something they had enjoyed over the past year and sent it to the member of the family they were randomly given. My sister had my wife and gave her

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So, here it is, our top posts based on number of hits and reader votes. 10) Oh,That’s Right, It’s Christmas 9) No Texting While Driving 8 ) Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid 7) The Passing Of A Tacoma Legend (Ivan the Gorilla) 6) Asperger’s Card 5) Marching To A Different Drummer 4) Melting Pot 3)

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Well, another year of blogging is complete. 2013… Crazy. As people that read our blog know, Joe A is a real writer and I am more of a ranter. While Joe A. takes 500 words and tells a story, I usually take 600 words to kind of tell a story and insert a lot of

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