Recently, my wife sent Halloween care packages to our sons and other friends and family currently away at college. In the care packages, she put in the standard Halloween fare of candy and baked treats, and other assorted Halloween decorations and a few fake spiders. My son and a good friend of his texted independently

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If I had unlimited funds and storage space, I’d have one of those houses that had tons of Halloween decorations and fog machines, with the yard cordoned off into a haunted grave yard, etc. But I don’t have the storage space or the budget to do all those things, so I just use my enthusiasm

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In a moment of pure irony, I forgot to post my Friday follow-up blog on forgetfulness this morning. In my defense my daughter was playing in the State title match for high school volleyball, but the bottom-line was I forgot. The sad part is that it happens all too often these days and they took

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My Grandpa W. gave me an 1887 silver dollar when I was a kid. In a minor miracle, I still have it. I have always loved coins, but especially dollar ones. As a big history buff, I thought it was particularly cool when they came out with the Presidential coins (George Washington is sitting on

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I had a good idea for a blog but I forgot what it was. This is the story of my blogging life. I’ve had many good ideas for blogs but I’ve forgotten a lot of them. I don’t think they’re senior moments, I’m not that old. It’s much more about inspiration for a 400 to

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After seeing my Aspergars card, I was encouraged to make one for another friend (you know who you are). Enjoy

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First of all, my reunion was great. The organizing committee did an excellent job; great venue, food, band, and plenty of alcohol for those that needed a social lubricant. An all-around good time. Here are some observations from the night. Hair styles in the 80’s were awful! I looked in a yearbook the night before

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Gas is really expensive. Remember before the gulf war, when we used to complain if it went over $2.00 a gallon. Now the price of a gallon of gas sits well over $4, some types $4.50, recently in California it touched $5. One thing I don’t do is drive around looking for cheaper gas. My

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Joe A. and I have known each other since 6th grade and graduated from the same high school together. Well, it’s high school reunion time for the two of us. I’m always excited about going back home to Washington, getting to see the gang I grew up with, makes it all the more special. I’m

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One of the best parts about writing a blog is I get to talk to Joe A. on a fairly regular basis. While we try to separate our conversations from the rest of our lives, many times our wives or children walk through the background of our conversations. Usually, I can make out his wife’s

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My class reunion is coming up. Of course my first thought was, “Holy crap, has it been that long?” It seems like only a short time ago, I was hanging with my friends doing ridiculous high school hijinks. (Think Jackass without the cameras.) When I don’t look in the mirror, I still feel like a

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I found these photos of some fantastic nappers.                     I’d make a box combo lying down.                   That’s more like it.    

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People like to put their food on my plate. Apparently, their unwanted food can’t stay on their plate for even a second longer before they look for a better place for these scraps to land. This “better place” is always my plate.  I look at it like food litter. In restaurants, people that aren’t even

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I’m a big believer in naps. Maybe it’s my Mexican heritage but a little siesta after lunch is a great use of time by increasing productivity. Before Seinfelds’ Costanza was hilariously sleeping at his NY Yankee’s job. I was a pioneer in the napping under the desk routine. It started at a job right after

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