Well, this week we talked about Video Games and the Statute of Limitations in a relationship. While my wife has a long memory, sports fans have even longer ones (there is no statute of limitations for a sports fan). As a childhood Oakland Raider fan and an adult Seattle Seahawks fan (I’ve been a Seahawk

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Many years ago the famous book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus came out. I must have recently pissed off my wife, because I remember saying to someone that the people of Venus must have really long, spiteful memories. When it comes to marriage, there is a sort of Statute of Limitations

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During the summer I suggested to my son, “Let’s go build something.” Some of my favorite times were spent taking the left over pieces of wood from my father’s various house projects and making things. Bird houses (no bird could ever fit in), terrariums (for captured lizards and toads), forts, boats (only by virtue that

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I often tease a friend, suggesting he has Aspergers, a sort of social disorder that makes it difficult to distinguish emotions or social situations, think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. As a joke, I made a little card for him. Enjoy.

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I have the best dog in the world. I am not trying to offend anyone and their incredibly nice “if I can’t have Matt W.’s border collie” dog, but my dog is amazing. Everyone that comes in contact with my dog thinks so. It is because he is so wonderful that we give him nice

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How do I start this topic without sounding like an old curmudgeon? (That’s really Matt W.’s bailiwick.) But if I were king of the world I would eliminate tipping. It’s such a weird activity nowadays, I find it very confusing and would be very happy to be rid of the stress. “How much do I

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Everyone remembers where they were the morning of September 11th.  I worked in a TV station with televisions on in every room so I watched the entire morning unfold before me. It was a powerful morning that I will remember forever. This week, not so much. This is the first year where I didn’t get

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Everyone has at least one. That person in your life that passes through your brain from time to time, that you think, “if only circumstances had been a little different.” I’m not talking about the guy or girl you dated for months or years, prior to finding your significant other, you had your chance with

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Recently, there was a story about a U.S. Circuit Court upholding the right of the New London, New York police department to NOT hire a man because he was too smart. This police force likes their officers to be only slightly smarter than the general public, with IQs roughly in the 104 range. This gentleman’s

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Another NFL season has officially started. Along with most other teams, my beloved Seahawks don’t start until Sunday . Like all fans during the pre-season, I again am hoping for a successful season. This year actually looks like a good team. But I say that every year. So, I’m re-posting last years Seahawk post. Hopelessly

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In honor of Labor Day, we’ve decided to not work this week. But we found this picture about how to get your kids to work. Enjoy.

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Enjoy the day off. I’m planning on taking a nap.

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