The Seahawks quarterback controversy is an age old question, well actually two. So the Seahawks had the physically gifted Tavaris Jackson, and the more cerebral Matt Flynn. They also have a pretty good rookie in the smart, physically talented while shorter than the average NFL quarterback or for that matter shorter than the After Thanksgiving

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I realize I’ve already barked up this tree once before in Who Are The Best Drivers but drivers that text suck! When I become king of the world, this is near the top of my long list of things to take care of. Recently, I was driving my daughter home from volleyball practice. As we

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I’ve been playing the ukulele for a few years now. The New York Times called the ukulele, “The zeitgeist instrument for the DYI age.” I like it because the ukulele is a happy instrument. I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible to stay sad once you hear the ukulele. The notion planted itself in my head

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When I was young and had nothing better to do, I would head over to the B&I with friends or family. The best way to describe the B&I was a cross between a Wal-Mart, a flea market, and a circus, although not nearly as organized as any of those places. If you wanted work boots,

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I have 9 pillows on my bed. I use 2 to sleep with and my wife also uses 2 for actual pillow-like purposes. There are 2 big pillows that if my wife isn’t in the bedroom, I use to sit up in bed with. But they are actually there as a “foundation layer” for the

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One of the things I love about my wife is her instant enthusiasm and spontaneous excitability. The flip side of this is that in her excitement she often plays fast and loose with the details. Leaving a trail of clues like breadcrumbs leading to the actual fact she’s thinking of. I’ve told this story many

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This story has been around since 2007, I’m not entirely sure it’s authentic but it’s pretty funny. Enjoy.  

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8 years ago, the first time my wife had me move our incredibly heavy, multi-piece, Thomasville office furniture up two flights of stairs, my sons weighed about a buck fifty between the two of them; no help there. As I’m pretty big and was 8 years younger, I middle-age-man-handled that furniture up the stairs and

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As mentioned in a previous post, my wife forced me to join a gym and signed me up for a personal trainer. Although I like the kid (and he is a kid) and cannot complain about the extra motivation to go to the gym, I am a little offended. I’ve asked around and it’s not

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There have been many inspiring moments in this years rapidly advancing Olympic games. The last hoorahs of Misty May Treanor and Michael Phelps coinciding with the great entrances by young kids like Katie Ledecky and Gabbie Douglas. Each country has their inspiring heroes. Joe A. and I were thinking of particularly inspiring performances and both remembered Jim Redmond helping

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To me the Olympics are still pretty cool. While somewhat tainted by the professional nature of the games, it’s still exciting to watch the athletes compete at sports that I don’t commonly watch at such a high level. The interesting background stories and dramatic upsets always pull me to the screen every night. It’s a

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Like a lot of households, we’re watching some of the Olympics and marveling at the physical abilities of the athletes. You hear the usual human-interest stories about how they’re motivated by the memory of a deceased relative/friend or how their families sacrificed to get them to the Olympics. But I haven’t heard much regarding the

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Here are a couple more crushes referenced by friends and our own jogged memories. In no particular order. Linda Harrison – Played the mute human from Planet of the Apes. Julianne Moore – Her name came up and Joe A. was shocked he forgot about a redhead. Jessica Lange – Sexy AND dangerous. Michelle Pfeifer

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Or more specifically the Top 10 Women from TV and Movies I had a crush on before I got married (and stopped thinking about other women entirely). Joe A. listed his crushes on Monday so here are mine for your review. I decided to list mine chronologically (as close as I could remember). To the list: Mary

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