For no particular reason Matt W. and I were talking about boyhood crushes, famous women we were attracted to while growing up. So, we decided to list our favorites. Here is my list of crushes, in no particular order. Farrah Fawcett – Of course, where else would I start? As if watching Charlie’s Angels weren’t enough,

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The other day, I went to see The Dark Knight Rises, the new Batman movie, on the big screen. In this case, I am being quite literal as I saw it in the IMAX theatre. I usually look at how the movie was shot to see if it is worth seeing in 3D or IMAX

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Married men hanging out with married women (those that aren’t your spouse) is generally frowned upon. While this has changed a bit over the years, it is still usually the case because, well, men are simple creatures. As Joe A. said in his blog Looking at Naked Women men check out women; it’s in our

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Do you remember the scene in City Slickers, were Jack Palance’s character, Curly, tells Billy Crystal about a woman he once saw? The story is something like, he’s riding on the range and he sees a woman working the land, the sun is setting behind her, shining through her sundress. Billy’s character says, “You should

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Here’s a little something I found.

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Well, recently my daughter’s teammates were lightheartedly making fun of her and another girl for wearing granny panties. Seriously? I was at the Victoria Secret with my wife when she bought my daughter’s underwear, and let’s just say you could make 15 pair of her panties out of one pair of my boxers. When I

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I enjoy a good massage. I generally like a deep tissue massage, one where the pressure is on the verge of painful. One of the best massages I’ve ever had was from a huge Russian immigrant masseuse. He was a bear of a man with big beefy hands and sausage like fingers. I’m talking Kielbasas

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Joe A. and I wrote a couple of blogs about work this week and when I think work and all the associated craziness, I always think of Dilbert. I have thought about writing a blog about how cartoon strips have gotten less funny over the years, but one of the few exceptions is Dilbert. As I constantly

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I recently started a new job. It has been nice to go to work every day after being out of work for a while. All my new co-workers are very nice and have made me feel right at home from the start. The only problem is I am now right in the middle of the

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Being a writer, I mostly work alone at home. Despite the luxury of working in my pajamas for half the day, one negative is always having to eat alone. Typically, I eat leftovers in front of Tivo’d Sportscenter episodes, then back to my desk for more staring at the blank screen. But for the last

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I can’t decide if this is sad or awesome. I know I’ve always wanted to see it happen. And by “it,” in case you haven’t heard, San Diego’s fireworks display was set to last about 18 minutes but because of a computer malfunction they all went off at once. Here’s a link. Enjoy.

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Fireworks are one of my earliest memories. When I was a kid, every Fourth of July, the City of Seattle put on a huge display from a barge in the middle of Elliott Bay for the whole city. My grandparents had a house with a great view of the bay so every year on the

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