Joe A. and I decided to take the week off for Memorial Day. As a reminder Memorial Day was started after the Civil War (originally called Decoration Day) to commemorate fallen soldiers. It later changed to Memorial Day but still honors those that died in battle serving our country. Thanks to all those that serve our

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We’ve taken the day off for the Memorial Day holiday. After the holiday, we’ll be back to usual, with new posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Enjoy.

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In honor of Eugene Polley, the inventor of the remote control, I’ve reposted this blog (from Oct. 2011). Women like to make fun of men for being so attached to the television remote. Our wives and girlfriends taunt us as they wave the remote out of our reach. Well, here is the truth. There’s a

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Eugene Polley died of natural causes last Sunday at the age of 96. Most of the hundreds of millions of men he impacted over the years, didn’t even know who he was, but his many inventions make him a true icon in the lives of middle-aged men. But there is one invention that makes him

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In case you haven’t realized: guys are visual creatures. It’s genetically true. Men have more cones in the center of their eyes than women do. I vaguely remember reading that men’s brains have a larger portion dedicated to visual stimuli or that vision is more directly wired to emotion or something like that. So, men

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Not all kids are obsessed with video games. Check out the link to a video of Caine’s Cardboard Arcade. It’s become a viral phenomenon. Enjoy.  

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As Joe A. said in his recent blog, boys are indeed clueless when it comes to reading other people’s expressions. With the addition of technological blinders, they are even more unaware of what is going on around them. It doesn’t stop with boys. While driving my daughter off to volleyball practice, I asked her if

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While visiting my sister one Saturday, my 15-year old nephew got on the phone and started calling his friends. “Can you play?” “Yeah, what about in an hour?” He’d call his next friend with a similar patter. “No, he can’t play until 2:30. Okay, cool.” I waxed nostalgic for the days of calling around to

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Here’s a comic I found about kid’s and their video games. Enjoy.

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I opened up my cable bill and the price of my service had gone up $25. I have lived in Knoxville for 8 years and “Like the swallows returning to Capistrano” I annually call my cable company telling them my bill has gone up and I want it back at the same level. It’s the

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Video games are the new baseball. Kids bond with each other by wiggling their thumbs and manipulating the digital 0s and 1s to make their electronic counterpart find gold, blow up rebel bases and avoid flying turtle shells. When my son was around 7 years-old, he was at a friends house and they were going

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My daughter and I were driving home from school yesterday afternoon, and I said “How much homework do you have tonight?” She replied that while she didn’t have a lot of homework due tomorrow “I really need to get some projects started and start studying for finals.” And like all good fathers in the world,

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I clicked on the internet the other day and saw that after 100 years the San Francisco restaurant, Sam Wo, which claimed to have the world’s rudest waiter had closed. A local Chinese restaurant, China Pearl, was apparently started by the same guy because the owner is such an incredible jerk, it just can’t be

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