Los Angeles is a car culture. Mainly, because there is no central downtown city, there’s, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, the Westside, etc. So, everybody commutes. And most commutes are pretty long. My current commute takes me 43 miles and 90 minutes to get to work. Even by Los Angeles standards that’s a long commute. I

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This weeks blog posts were about winning the lottery. The NFL equivalent of winning the lottery is getting a great player at a low draft value. Here are the NFL’s top 10 draft day steals. 10. Kurt Warner QB – Undrafted: Okay, I started with a kind of cheat, technically he wasn’t even drafted. So,

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A couple weeks ago the Mega-Millions jackpot reached 600-and-something-bazillion-dollars and I along with everyone else across the nation made sure I walked in to buy a ticket while gas flowed into my car. I typically don’t by lottery tickets unless the jackpot is over $100,000,000. Not because I don’t think $20 million isn’t enough money

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Recently there was a $640 million Mega Millions lottery combining a few states’ lottery awards. People at work were pooling their money and sending a runner off to get a bunch of tickets. I can do math and understand that the bigger the pot, more people will buy tickets, increasing the odds of having to

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10. Kal-El Cage: At least Nicholas Cage really is a big comic book fan. And I’ll give him that Kal-El is Superman’s Krypton name. So, naming his son Kal-El is not a bad association, but come on. 9. Diva Thin Muffin Zappa: Next to Ahmet, Diva is the most normal name Frank Zappa has for

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I have asked for the exact same haircut for over 30 years now. Short on the sides (2 guard) and blend in slightly longer on top. It should be one of the least expensive and easiest haircuts in the universe to get correct. Apparently it’s not. I usually go to the same guy. He cuts

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I walked by the TV while my wife was watching American Idol and one of the contestants was named Phil Phillips. Phillip Phillips. What horrible and/or lazy parents. One of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made was what to name my son. I had no idea how hard it would be. Our name is something

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Well, in an attempt to keep all our readers out of trouble this weekend with a nice project, here are a few duct tape ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I know Joe A. will be working on the Batman Mask. As my first thought when I saw all the different projects was “Wow

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I recently hurt my ankle and am now sentenced to the peculiar hell of crutches. My injury went something like: old man…ear infection…dizzy…fell down steps… conducted full body inventory while laying on the floor…hurt ankle…rest of body OK…didn’t take proper care of ankle…reinjured (worse than original injury)…I’m an idiot…crutches. Ta da! Ten easy steps to

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There have been “home games” since the beginning of poker. Almost exclusively the poker games have been the dominion of men. Occasionally, a woman will come in and play, but mostly the girlfriends and wives stay at home and “let” their man go out and have some guy time. So, I’m going to give all

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As a kid, I used to get chocolate Easter bunnies with no ears. My mom had eaten them because she liked the solid parts. So, this struck a chord.

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I recently walked into a Walgreen’s to pick up a pair of reading glasses. I put a pair in my wife’s purse at a recent volleyball tournament and forgot to get them out before I left for a weeklong training course (maybe I need a purse like Joe. Not yet). So any way I walked

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Boys are different than girls. That’s the end of it. There was a time a few decades ago when they tried to prove that the differences between boys and girls was just the way we were brought up, but now there’s pretty clear evidence that a lot of the difference is hardwired into our brains.

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