Here’s a little cartoon from Chris Slane’s book “Blokes, Jokes & Sheds.” Enjoy.

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I don’t have my head completely buried in the sand. I have used the internet since Al Gore invented it, and am usually very proficient at finding just about anything. I use my computer for a variety of tasks that would probably be more difficult without it, probably. I use e-mail, but am frustrated that

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This blog was suggested by a female reader of Male Pattern Madness who noticed a similarity between her late husband, her current husband and her nephew, Bill. None of them wanted or want any help on handyman projects while she’s around. In fact, both her husbands would drop their hands to their sides and instantly

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March Madness is a great time of year. I really enjoy watching the different games, but there is a limit to how far I would go to get some quality viewing time. Apparently these guys have a much higher bar than I. Have a great March Madness weekend, and if you are one of the

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I love March. There are lots of reasons: the return of warm spring weather, St. Patrick’s Day (I’m Irish by marriage), my birthday (Pisces), but mostly, the NCAA college tournament (March madness). If you like college basketball, or underdogs, or Cinderella stories you have to love the tournament. For years, even if I wasn’t in

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Hey, here’s the Monty Python sketch I mentioned on Monday’s post. And a little extra bit. Enjoy.

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Recently, my son and I went back to my hometown during his spring break to hang out with family and friends. In the month prior to the visit, I had e-mailed a long-time buddy of mine Lee F. We had last seen each other when we played golf together 5 or 6 years ago with

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The barber, er…she prefers the term stylist, I see usually does a nice job. One time, we were chatting and she asked, “How’s that?” I run my fingers through my hair and decide the back part of the top of my head is a little too long. I ask her to take a little more

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As an old curmudgeon who doesn’t really understand the appeal of texting, I thought I would find some comics that express my feelings regarding this topic. My kids argue that because of texting they can “really” communicate with their friends and family. I argue that texting isn’t communication, but rather an effective and yet potentially

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I recently was in Washington, DC and had the honor of going around to all the cool national sites. My wife and I went into the National Archives, because there was a new exhibit on Benjamin Franklin, and it’s always good to see the documents that helped found our country. As there is usually a

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If I were a kid today, I would be the king of the neighborhood team because the middle-class of athletes is vanishing. Nowadays, any six-year old who smiles when they throw a ball is instantly thrust into a Soviet-era training regimen. They are of course are signed up for little league. If they want to

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The NFL Network just wrapped up broadcasting some 4 days of NFL Combine and I watched a lot of it. (Go Seahawks.) For those who don’t know, the Combine is where the NFL invites a lot of college players ready to join the NFL. They check the player’s height and weight, and run them through

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