There are lots of things fathers teach their sons. Some bad things, but mostly things that boys need to know to be successful among other boys or in the world. It can be something simple like how to skip a stone across water or something socially important like which urinal to pick in a public

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Well, so comes to an end “Women are Crazy and Men are Stupid” week at Male Pattern Madness. As many of you know Joe A and I have known each other for a long time and I happen to remember where his mantra started. Many years ago, a group of us kids from high school

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In college, one of my suite mates took the “How well do you know women” quiz in that month’s addition of Playboy magazine. Thinking he did better than any of the rest could do, especially me, the Baptist, he made all of us take the quiz. I blew everybody away. Next to the number I

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“Women are crazy and men are stupid.” This is a philosophy I’ve developed over the years. Well, it’s become more of a mantra than philosophy. This statement can be illustrated time and again in our daily lives. Everyone is familiar with how stupid boys are. Of course, when we’re young, we don’t realize how stupid

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I have never been much of a new year’s resolution guy. Every once in a while I would say, “I’m going to lose 10 pounds, or work harder on my golf game,” but lacked the true desire to pursue these goals and watched my resolution peter out in days or weeks if I was lucky.

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I always tell my children “Buy a good individual tool instead of a cheap set that happens to have the tool you need in it.” I speak from experience. When you’re starting out you always want to fill up your tool box, and those poorly chromed sets of tools look so inviting. Also, why would

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Growing up, my father was pretty handy around the house. He could fix all types of things, plumbing, electrical, carpentry. My mother would always force me to go hang out with him and “learn something.” Despite my best efforts, I actually did learn some things. In fact enough things, that I’m supremely confident at taking

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I found this blog post some time ago, but it still makes me laugh. It’s from a humor blogger David Thorne. His premise is usually a series of back and forth emails where he’s quite an ass, but in a funny clever way. Here’s the link.

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I was walking through an upscale strip mall, the kind that they put nice signs and awnings on and therefore think you are willing to spend more money at. (I hate to break it to you designers, there’s no such thing as a nice strip mall.) Well, anyway, as I was walking, I noticed a

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Welcome to the new and improved Male Pattern Madness 2012 website. For those of you who have faithfully followed us, you might have noticed a few upgrades during the last couple of weeks. A lot of upgrades went on behind the scenes, but the main focus of the upgrades was to make the readers’ experience

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