“Dad, do you want to know what’s really expensive? Milk.” These wise words were uttered by my son who recently went off to college. As a father, it is always nice when your kids learn valuable life lessons, but any pertaining to your own wallet are especially nice. “And juice is really expensive too, it’s

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So a few years ago, I fell in love with a brine turkey dinner. I tell my wife, “I want this next year.” She says, “Help yourself.” “Okay, I’ll do it.” I agree to prepare the turkey next Thanksgiving. What the hell. Next year, I find a recipe for brining a turkey and I’m all

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Thanks to all our readers who responded to our best album lists. We got some great feedback. We also got top 10 lists from Greg V. a deejay, Dave S. a contributing blogger and screenwriter, Dan M. another contributing blogger and film producer/director, and Stephen P. a composer/musician. Here are some thoughts: We and our

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The Top 10 Albums of all time list is a tough one. First off, albums are a lost art. Most groups don’t bother making great albums anymore, especially since it became so easy to download just one song. My son’s best friend plays in a band and is a great young musician, so I asked

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This holiday week, we’re taking it a little easy and it’s top 10 best albums all week. With the re-invention of the single via digital downloads, the album is a lost art form. And lets face it, the 80s were a crap decade for music. With few exception (most notably The Clash), the 80s blew:

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I debated whether to limit this to animated shows from our childhood but I decided to include any animated show I could think of. Here’s the list: 10. X-men – Like the source comic book, their grown up feelings of alienation and disenfranchisement mixed with superpowers is a lot of fun. Even my wife got

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My daughter plays a lot of volleyball and is trying out for a travel team. It has been a good experience for her the last couple of years, getting to know all the girls and improving on her skills. It is a huge family commitment, with a lot of time and money being spent on

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Recently, my wife and I were spending time with another couple and the other wife starts talking about “Goddess Empowerment.” Turns out, a few months ago, she attended a retreat for women using the history of goddesses throughout different cultures to help model a powerful behavior for themselves while dealing with life’s issues. Strength, bravery,

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As you know, Joe A and I throw out lists every once in a while for fun. Okay, really in order not have to write quite as much. When we stumble across any category containing books, they pretty much fall in my lap as Joe A prefers to get his entertainment viewing a screen.  As

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I’m a big guy. I could probably just end the post there and you would have all the relevant information, but instead I will rant for a while. I am 6’2’ and typically weigh about 220 pounds but was trending upwards. 230 is the weight that I think new pants become a distinct possibility. This

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As a child, I would much rather sit inside and color, read comics or play board-games than be dragged outside for a game of baseball or basketball. I didn’t really grow into my body until middle school or high school and found my sports interest at around the same time. But by then it was

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When I was a kid, I watched a lot of TV. I mean, a LOT. I was one of those kids that pushed the curve upwards to counteract the kids who didn’t watch any television. I watched TV before school, after school, before dinner and before bedtime. I’m sure all that television watching had something

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The other day I was watching ESPN and I half noticed that the first month of NBA basketball was cancelled because the players and owners could not come to an agreement as to how to split the $4 billion in revenues the NBA currently receives. The owners would not go more than 50-50 while the

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