My Inner Child badly needs more play dates. Whether it’s the terrible economy, or aggravating do-nothing Congress or the depressing state of my career, the little boy in me lately wants to drop all adult concerns and come out to play. And play. And play. In fact, my Inner Child wants to completely take over

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Starting a blog has been interesting for a variety of reasons. It’s fun to have an outlet to vent on a variety of subjects, and the increased time spent talking to Joe A. has been great. One part that I did not anticipate coming into blogging was the number of comments that we get regarding

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I’m excited to get my hair cut today. When my hair grows out, it doesn’t just get longer, it gets puffy. As in bigger, wider, further from my head in a two-inch radius. But mostly I’m happy to be getting my hair cut by a stylist I like. I am generally too disinterested in my

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As the 2011 baseball season nears it’s end, for me, nothing that happened this season compares to last year when Detroit Tiger’s pitcher Armdando Galarraga was perfect and umpire Jim Joyce was not. Yet both men personified why we recognize sports as a great metaphor for life, creating opportunities to model good behavior under pressure

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The World Series is the culmination of another season of baseball, my favorite sport. It seems like I have always loved baseball. When I was a kid I collected baseball cards, like every other boy my age. Carl Yastrzemski was my favorite player, mostly because I liked his card the best. I also vividly remember

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Perhaps you’ve seen the Captain of Industry wince as he cautiously reaches for his office door, fighting to maintain balance as he eases it shut.  Maybe you’ve noticed the Sports Maniac hobble slowly to his seat in the grandstand, or maybe you’ve observed with shock and curiosity the Happy Hour Hound struggling to retrieve his

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It’s a pretty common theory, that our ancient male ancestors where the hunters and the women were generally the gatherers. This would mean that a man would have to track an animal, no matter where the animal led, kill it and then find his way back to the group. My theory is that any man

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I recently had the opportunity to visit Jerusalem and spend a day walking through the Old City. There were many interesting parts to the city and after a while I found myself at the Western Wall. Now, the Western Wall is a very important place in many religions but for the Jewish people it is

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I know my kid can hear me. We’ve had him tested. I know every parent goes through this. I’ve talked to them. But it is still annoying to give instructions and realize he hasn’t heard a single word beyond, “Listen, I want you to…”. Now to be fair, he isn’t just “not hearing” our calls

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While wasting time online, I found this Dad’s Life video. There is no affiliation other than I like it, so I thought I’d share.  

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As parents we are always trying to give our kids the best information for leading a long, healthy, happy, life. Relying on our life experiences, we offer pearls of wisdom that will hopefully persuade our children to travel down an easier path than we took. A girl I know decided to go to college at

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Being middle-aged means you can’t make some jokes without getting into trouble. There have always been topics that you have to be careful about. The standards: politics, race, religion, are good ones to be careful about who is around. But now at our age, sex must be added to the list. Recently, our college-aged baby-sitter

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