Sports moments are hard to rank. Everyone has a different ranking based on whether it is their home team, how big the stage was, or how cool they think the sport is. As a Seattle fan, I have a special place in my heart for the Sonics Championship and Edgar Martinez’ hit to beat the

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So awhile ago I go out to Dick’s Sporting Goods to find a pair of running shoes. For Father’s Day, my kids had put a note in a little box saying that is what they wanted to get me. Great, as I needed a new pair of shoes. I walk in the door having spent

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When I was a young man and starting in the work force, I understood that I’d have to do the lame stuff nobody else wanted to do but needed to get done. Being the low man on the totem pole, I would be stuck doing the menial tasks until the next “new” guy came along.

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Sports are great. Movies are great. Sports movies are super great. Here’s a list of my top 10 sports movies. Movies #1-3 came to mind instantly. And by the time I was done, I had 20 sports movies I liked. (19 if you don’t count the futuristic sport of Rollerball.) And before you yell at

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Last week, Matt listed things he thought would help you determine if you were reading the right blog. Here is my list. 10. You don’t understand the attraction to tattoos. Tattoos are for sailors, bikers, or the Yakuza. 9. You don’t understand the attraction to texting.  With a phone call, you can actually hear the

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“Pick us up at PetSmart; we decided to walk over there,” was the text I got from my daughter. So I walk in and see her and her friend standing in front of the rescued kitten cages, Awesome! We get to have the puppy and/or kitten talk, two of my favorites. While my daughter’s friend

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I always get my heart broken, and yet I come back. Years of unfulfilled promises to do better, and yet I still believe it will be better. I know it’s unhealthy, but I can’t help it. I love the Seattle Seahawks. Always have; always will. I can’t let go of my loyalty to my favorite

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At Male Pattern Madness we celebrate being a middle-aged man. While there are a few perks associated with this time of life, there are also a few things that all men our age would rather do without. Here are my top ways you know you have picked the right blog to follow: 10.  Your arms

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My daughter made a beautiful spike at a high school volleyball match last night. It was the kind of spike that you might see a dozen times a night by women at a college match, solid and worthy of a big cheer, but coming from my daughter it was amazing. A few words about my

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The other day my son was going through his treasure drawer, a drawer were he keeps all the interesting things he finds.  Peeking into my kid’s drawer was like peeking into my childhood. I remember having a cigar box full of my worldly treasures, all of which are gone. But some I remember fondly like

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