I just took my dog to the vet and was thrilled to get a bill for $117. Typically when I go to the Vet it runs at least twice that and they hand me the bill and say “But he’s worth it!” First of all, I didn’t even know that a dog had an anal

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We’ve all seem them, even snickered behind their backs. First there’s the little old man who hikes his pants up to his armpits. Like some misplaced penguin, they waddle around as if everything’s normal. Then there is the Pants-hang-low. These guys walk around with their trousers sliding down revealing the cycles of the moon. Both

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When my kid was 7 years old he was at a karate tournament and received a Participation Medal. Now I’m all for little kids (I’m talking about three to six years old) feeling good about participating. I’ve coached my share of sports teams that don’t keep score and just celebrate the kids learning the rules

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As I helped my daughter clean up her room this weekend, I spent hours pushing her to get rid of all the crap she likes to keep. One of my first targets was all the soccer trophies she received just for me paying the entry fee. When did kids start getting trophies just for showing

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157-0-2 This is my and my son’s best guess as to our lifetime golf match record prior to yesterday. Now, 157-1-2. I was really looking forward to my son beating me at golf, honestly. I once told my son that, “The day he beats me at golf, he will be the second proudest person on

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Last week I was training to be a Certified Energy Manager, and there was one person in the class that asked 95% of the questions and also made 95% of the statements. Unfortunately, he was a moron. The trainers had to constantly cut out pieces of information from the training because this guy kept asking

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The other day, I overheard one of my 10-year-old’s friends using the F-word. This particular boy has older brothers and is also advanced in the use of words relating to sexual anatomy. I calmly stand in the doorway and explain how, “In this house, we try not to use those words.” I knew I couldn’t

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When my wife said that she wanted to get the family a dog, my mind flashed on a brown and white, long haired collie. I wanted to get Lassie. Lassie was a dog that a man could love in a healthy manly way. Lassie lived with manly Forest Rangers. Lassie knew how to rescue people

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Smart, well trained dogs are indeed “Man’s best friend.” Also there is nothing that makes you look better than your dog doing amazing things at your command. You do however need to keep them happy. I have a great dog. While I am not a chatty dog owner, everyone who knows me, knows how I

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My kid was playing a computer game and I heard frustrated moaning and groaning. “This computer is too slow.” I ignore his general complaint. “Dad, I can’t play this game. The computer doesn’t go fast enough.” I give my best dad shrug, “Yep.” “We need a new computer.” This comment sets me off into the

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While on a long car trip with another couple, the wives end up in a conversation discussing which movie stars they find attractive. I think their actual word was “yummy.” The usual suspects appear-—Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, George Clooney, etc. Inevitably, the wives turn to the husbands and ask, “Who do you think is hot?”

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Every time my wife goes out of town for business she is stressed. First, she always tries to clean off her to do list completely, including all the items that haven’t really mattered for the last 4 weeks. Because of all her last minute tasks, she always leaves packing to the very last minute, typically

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