posted by Joe Anaya on July 25th, 2011

I have the greatest wife ever! Bar none! Last year, we were debating replacing our old Standard Def tube TV with a bigger flat panel HD TV. But our different price expectations had put my wife and I in a state of inertia. Then just as I was tired of seeing only half a face during conversations on my favorite shows, Fate offered a kind wink and our 35” TV died. Before the odor of a burned-out transistor could leave the air, I joyously proclaimed, “Time to get a new TV.”

A purchase of this size and price is a family decision, but matters of electronics are usually an “advise and consent” format. I did all the research about Plasma, LCD and LED. Studied brands, features and prices. Our components and old TV fit into a niche in the wall, so I made sure I had the measurements for the largest TV that would fit in that niche. I was ready to make my case, armed with data to support paying more for a better TV. At the store, as I’m showing my wife the TV I’ve picked out, the greatest thing a man could hear slipped past her lips, “I wish it were bigger.” My heart skipped a beat. I felt a little lighter in my shoes. I remember this is how we ended up with the 200 lbs beast of a TV 10 years ago. We were watching basketball on our old 21” TV and my wife couldn’t read the numbers on the jerseys. That’s when she said, “We need a bigger TV.” I jumped up and ran to the nearest electronics store and got the one we were replacing.

She glances around, “What about that one?” She is pointing to a ridiculously huge 65” screen. As much as I would love to have a huge TV, I start to worry, “Where would we put it? It won’t fit in the niche. Could it be too big?” The sales clerk anxiously waits while we debate the layout of our living room. A few hastily drawn diagrams later, she has decided it should go over the fireplace.

Now I’m concerned about complications of hanging and wiring it. How did I end up arguing for the smaller TV?  She asks, “Are you saying it can’t be done?” As they say at work, “With enough time and money, anything can be done.” It’s settled: we’re getting the 65” TV and I’ll figure out how to make it work later. Throw in a blu-ray player, wall mounting unit and cables as well and we have given the sales clerk a pretty good week. As we’re checking out, the manager comes out to shake our hand (never a good sign).

My next several weekends are scheduled for demolishing the old walls, dry-walling holes, lugging wires through the attic and many other menial jobs. My “to do” list has gotten much bigger, and I’m thrilled.

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