I have the greatest wife ever! Bar none! Last year, we were debating replacing our old Standard Def tube TV with a bigger flat panel HD TV. But our different price expectations had put my wife and I in a state of inertia. Then just as I was tired of seeing only half a face

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Like most guys, I don’t know how much anything costs in a grocery store and frankly I’m not that motivated to find out. I go to the grocery store, either at my wife’s insistence or of my own hunger. I hunt for what I like. I toss it in the cart. The cashier scans. I

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There is a co-worker of mine that always brags about his son’s ability at football. He apparently is an excellent quarterback, and has always lead the league in both passing and rushing, a true All-star. He has been going to an elite athlete training facility for the past 5 years, multiple days a week, to

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I was never a rock musician, I played tuba. Not much call for tuba players in grunge bands. But like every guy, I practiced air guitar and duck walks in the bedroom, while screaming at the top of my lungs and fantasizing about leading a band on stage to a mob of screaming fans. Well,

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The other day I was trying to get a free one-way trip on United Airlines using miles as they are currently the only airline that offers this service. I have a few questions, so I decide to venture into the great customer service unknown. Companies today will do almost anything to keep you  from talking

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I have seen my wife and children try to plunge a toilet, and well, it is not a pretty site. While a disgusting job to start with, I am mostly referring to their utter lack of ability in getting the job done.  I am acutely aware of the fact that they could be putting on

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