posted by Matt W on January 21st, 2015

The football jersey I’ve always wanted is a Sonny Sixkiller, University of Washington jersey with the huge old style 6 on it. I have never seen one, and haven’t had a football jersey until recently because of it.

I have followed the Seattle Mariners for years. I was a big Alvin Davis fan and once considered buying a jersey, but as the Mariners at that time had a 100% polyester, powder blue and bright yellow V-neck pullover with a huge trident on it; I passed on that abomination of a jersey. Edgar Martinez was the next Mariner I followed and as they had the same hideous uniforms, I again passed. But in a moment of front office enlightenment, they changed their uniforms to a much more classic baseball design with new more wearable colors. I purchased my first Jersey, an Edgar Martinez away jersey with Seattle across the chest. I still wear it to games.

For years now, I have been considering a Seahawk’s jersey. As I don’t make choices quickly (I have been looking to update my golf clubs and car since the 90’s), I had a hard time figuring out which jersey I wanted. One of the difficulties I’ve faced is that player turnover is such a big part of the modern game, I haven’t made the connections with players I made in the past. Never the less, I had whittled the choices down to Kam Chancellor #31 or Luke Willson #82.

This past Saturday, my wife and daughter surprised me with an early birthday present of a beautiful Kam Chancellor jersey. Very nice. So, excitedly, I put on my new #31 and settled in for the NFC championship game. I even texted a pre-game jersey pic to numerous friends and family, including Joe A, showing my Seahawk pride.

As anyone who follows football knows, the Seahawks played the worst half of football I have ever seen them play and were down 16-0 at halftime, and it shouldn’t have been that close. Now, being the good Seahawk fan that I am, my first thought at halftime was that maybe I should change out of the jersey to give the Seahawks a better chance, but being the good husband I didn’t think my wife would be very happy with me ditching her “$150 authentic NFL jersey” present after one bad half of play.

Without my prompting, my wife looked at me and suggested (commanded), “You have to take off that jersey and go put on one of your Seahawks golf shirts. I’m not usually superstitious, but you can never wear it again during a game. Ever.”

My wife gets it.

Joe A. was a little less subtle with his “Take off your new jersey and burn it!” text. It seems like seemingly non-superstitious people change quite rapidly when the freakin’ Packers are beating up on our Seahawks. Well, I took off my new jersey and replaced it with the Seahawks golf shirt I have worn through most of their 7 game winning streak. The rest, as they say, is history. By the way, Joe thinks I shouldn’t take off my golf shirt until after the Super Bowl victory. I, on the other hand, prefer to wash it.

Rest assured Seahawk faithful, come Super Bowl Sunday I will be sitting on the couch in my reliable Seahawks golf shirt. Numerous times throughout the year, I will be mowing the lawn in my Seahawks #31. And sometime soon, I will probably have to send Kam a quick note explaining why his jersey is my “yard work” jersey instead of my gamer. He will understand.

Dear Mr. Repeat Super Bowl Champion Chancellor…

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