posted by Matt W on June 20th, 2014

Fortunately for two guys that blog about their life experiences, Joe A. and I have two strong, independent wives. As both are smart, strong feminist women who like to lead, there isn’t much Joe and I can blog about that our wives haven’t already heard worse in the workplace or in other parts of their lives. Sometimes it’s still tough to be a strong woman. Growing up in a paternally driven marriage, it was difficult at times to understand the interactions in my own marriage, but having an equal marriage has worked pretty well. For the most part these relationships have stood the test of time, although I will say there have been a few occasions where Joe and I seriously contemplated moving in together just for the peace and quiet. We figured we would have to add money to our current eating out budgets, and create a hooker budget line item (Joe isn’t THAT good looking), but that would be more than offset by the dramatic reduction in the shoe and “other frilly ass stuff” budget lines. It’s about that time we realize our wives make more money than we do and suck it up. Anyways.

My wife rarely reads my blogs unless they need editing or one of our wonderful readers tells her she might want to actually log in that week. Bus – Matt W. – Push – Under; you know who you are and “thanks.” Seriously, though my wife realized early on that this was a nice release for me and has pretty much left me on my own, and for that I thank her.

So, here’s to the Male Pattern Madness Wives! We love you and thanks for your support.

(And sorry about labeling you with a masculine title, we know that pisses you off.)

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