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Joe A. addressed the age old topic of Thermostat Wars this past Monday. In his blog he mentioned that 75 degrees was to cold which is indeed crazy. So the Male Pattern Madness research staff went off to the old World Wide Web for some research on the subject. Below is a link to a science blog and as its science, it must be true.

Who turned that thermostat down? Probably a man.

The key sentence in the article comes near the end when the author writes, “Who is most likely to want the thermostat turned down? An overweight, old man. Who will want it turned up? A thin, young woman.” So while the overweight old man comment rings a little too true in my old fat ears, here is proof that Joe A., while thin and young, is a bit more feminine than he would like to admit. I’ll share the “research” with my wife later to get on her thin, young, good side.

Have a great Male Pattern Madness Weekend, and remember to turn the thermostat down for all us fat old men! (Joe A. not included)





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