posted by Joe Anaya on August 5th, 2013

Cable television has become the place where quality television thrives. For the last two years, 0 broadcast network shows were nominated for Outstanding Drama, the nominees were from HBO, Showtime, AMC, PBS, even Netflix. One of the standouts and my favorite is Breaking Bad. The show where, as creator Vince Gilligan puts it, “Mr. Chips becomes Scareface.”

Breaking Bad’s final season premiers Sunday, August 11. As a guy, it’s a pretty cools show with cops, drug cartels, double-crosses and the occasional gun-fight. As a writer, I love how Mr. Gilligan has set up all the possible ways Walter White (Bryan Cranston) can meet his end. I can see the noose tightening with every move he makes. Here’s a list of some of the possibilities. Since I don’t’ have any inside information there are no spoilers, unless you haven’t seen the show. Then that’s just bad on you.

One possibility is Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Jesse has been trying to get out of the business, but keeps getting pulled back in. The main force behind his failed attempts to go straight is Mr. White. Jesse could easily turn on Mr. White if he finds out who poisoned his ex-girlfriends little boy or who let his previous girlfriend die of an overdose.

Skyler White (Anna Gunn), Walter’s wife, has been increasingly living in fear. At first, fear for her husband but now fear OF her husband. Will she turn her husband in to protect their son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte)?

Walter’s weasely lawyer, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), has been getting squeezed harder and harder each season. He’s not the type to stand up to a lot of pressure. He’s way more likely to crumple like toothpick under a pachyderm and give up Walter for what ever can save his own skin.

The up and coming Todd (Jesse Plemons) is ambitious enough to want to take over the business. And he certainly seems amoral enough to be willing to take Walter out.

Of course, Walter’s DEA brother-in-law Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) found the first clue to figuring out who Heisenberg is. Is it that long before he puts all the pieces together?

And what about cancer? It’s the reason the lowly high school chemistry teacher turned to crime. Walt wanted to provide for his family before he died. Although it’s been in remission, the cancer could come back and finish him.

What about something crazy happening? Say a lab fire, meth labs are famous for blowing up. Couldn’t Walter be killed in an “industrial” fire? What if he has one moment of redemption and saves someone’s life while dying in the fire? Or what if he fakes his death in a lab fire? Using the opportunity to start over in another country. Just sayin’.

Man, just thinking about all the possibilities is making me excited for the season. Can’t wait.

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