posted by Matt W on July 3rd, 2013

I was thinking about what to write this week and remembered that on the Fourth of July last year, I saw that it was National Pie Week. Certainly cause for celebration.  So, here is a Fourth of July week top 10 things that come to mind when I think about pies.

  1. The Romans were the first to publish a pie recipe which was for rye crusted goat cheese and honey pie. Sounds like a different food group to me. I actually remembered the Roman thing but had to look up the recipe.  You have got to believe me when I tell you, “Pies are important in my life.”
  2. Speaking of a different food group, I love the Just Shoot Me. Chicken Pot pie episode. Any time I want to get my sister to laugh all I have to do is say “Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot Pie!” in the same voice as the younger brother. I love the chicken pies as well, but it is definitely a different food experience.
  3. Speaking of different food groups again, it has to be real fruit to be a real pie (apparently pumpkin is a fruit). French Silk, Chess, Pecan, etc. while all good deserts, really aren’t pie in my book. Also, I’ve never been a big fan of the a la Mode, although real whip cream is nice.
  4. The crust of the pie was originally called a coffin in the U.S. as pies where made in long narrow pans. I definitely want to be buried in a pie. And they should serve pie at my funeral… although not the same one.
  5. Speaking of crust, a quiet older engineer that used to work for me years ago didn’t talk all that much… except about making pies. He always lit up when he talked about how he made his crust and how it was the best ever. One day, I was smart enough to say, “Prove it; I’ve had some pretty good pies.”  A few days later, he brought one in. Bob T. your crust WAS amazing.
  6. Soldiers went off to World War I saying they were going to protect “Mom and Apple Pie.” Every middle-aged American has heard Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet, or “As American as Apple Pie.” Our settlers used to eat a lot of apple pie for breakfast. Apparently, apple pie is a pretty important part of being an American.
  7. Interestingly, I make a pretty mean French Apple pie; does that mean I’m un-American. I will say the main reason I make it, is my kids have always liked that one the best because of the sweet crumb topping.
  8. Many years after high school, we visited a school friend of my wife’s. His wife made this amazing cherry pie from cherries from their pie-cherry tree. Top five pies all-time.  I later heard they got a divorce, which was very sad for me because I knew I would never have another piece of her pie. I wonder who got custody of the tree.
  9. Two of my great uncles had orchards, so growing up we always had apples from one uncle and apricots, peaches and cherries from the other.  My grandfather also had amazing berry bushes.  All this amazing fruit is probably the reason I’m a pie lover. My great aunt has hundreds of apple pie recipes and I think she just turned 100 and still cooks her wonderful deserts.
  10. The best pie I ever had was a homemade Marion berry pie in a restaurant on the Oregon Coast. I went back the next night and had another slice.  The third night I just got slices to go and skipped dinner. Amazing!

So after I wrote this I looked up when Pie day was and found it was actually January 23rd. I found that interesting in that fresh fruit really isn’t that available in January. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve already realized that at MPM it is always pie day! Make yourself a pie and have a great, safe, holiday!

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