posted by Joe Anaya on December 31st, 2012

We’ve had a great year of blogging. As I look back at our posts, I find a few that I still refer to in my every day life. My wife was reading an article about college essays and I mentioned my blog on Job Interview Questions. Or as I was almost side swiped by a teenage driver on her cell phone, I thought of Matt W’s post, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

On Friday, we’ll reveal our “Best of 2012” list of Male Pattern Madness posts based on reader suggestions, our picks, and internet data. To help along, here are some of my favorite’s of Matt W’s.

3 Hammers: Not only a good post on manly tools, but a nice little peak into Matt W’s family life.

Top Ten Phrases I Say To My Children: This one just cracks me up. Maybe because I’ve heard Matt W. say most of them. But hearing them listed back-to-back reminds me of how funny Matt W. is.

The Name Game: Everyone can relate to this one. I actually do a little party trick and make a special effort to remember people’s names. It never fails to impress, but that’s only because everybody forgets names.

Half A Dad: Experience comes with age, and apparently it’s worth a little something.

The Most Versatile Tool: Who doesn’t love duct tape?

We’d love to hear your favorite Male Pattern Madness blogs from 2012. You can email your picks to or or just comment below.

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