posted by Matt W on July 13th, 2012

Joe A. and I wrote a couple of blogs about work this week and when I think work and all the associated craziness, I always think of Dilbert. I have thought about writing a blog about how cartoon strips have gotten less funny over the years, but one of the few exceptions is Dilbert. As I constantly walk around at work thinking, that is so crazy it’s almost funny, Scott Adams has a lot of material to work with. Here are a couple on this weeks topics of lunch time roulette, and forgetting names. The second one is especially entertaining to me, as it was actually on the wall of a colleauges office when I was an engineering manager.


Click on the pictures to go to the official Dilbert site for a few more laughs.
Male Pattern Madness wishes all of you a great and relaxing weekend. Remember, don’t get too much work done.

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