posted by Matt W on June 29th, 2012

Last night was the NBA draft. While previously, I might have watched all the players selected and called Joe A. every 30 minutes or so lambasting Elgin Baylor’s pick for the Clippers, or wondering how the Spurs picked the most fundamentally sound player in the draft for the 8th straight year,  the NBA draft was a non-event for me. I actually only know  that it was last night because I was checking to see what the Seattle Mariners score was and stumbled across it (By the way, Felix Hernandez pitched a shut-out, there’s your real story from last night). I will always like Major League Baseball, unless of course David Stern becomes commissioner, and just appreciate the pace and history of the game. While I am a little turned off by the whole concussion issue with football, the NFL is still fun to watch. Soccer and hockey are both interesting to watch, and there are a variety of other sports that catch my eye while I surf the thousands of channels on TV. But the NBA has lost its appeal to me; I rarely ever watch it. My hometown team, the Seattle Super Sonics don’t exist, and Nate McMillan, my favorite player and then coach was fired this year. And while I thought it would feel good when Oklahoma City lost in the NBA finals this year, in reality, I just didn’t care. The NBA is dead to me.

On another note, this week we talked about food and the battle to lose weight. Joe A. has a niece with a site on Facebook where she gives random tips on how to lose weight on a budget. You should check it out.

She came up with the idea for her site while dropping weight to get to a lower fighting weight class. As middle aged men, Joe A. and I strongly endorse any site that promotes women taking out their frustrations on other women instead of men.

Two Thumbs up from Male Pattern Madness.

Hey, I’d even watch that on TV instead of the NBA. I’ll just grab a box of Cheez-its and a Diet Coke and I’m in. Unless, of course, The Food Channel is showing how to make pie, I’d always change the channel for that.

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