posted by Matt W on March 14th, 2012

Recently, my son and I went back to my hometown during his spring break to hang out with family and friends. In the month prior to the visit, I had e-mailed a long-time buddy of mine Lee F. We had last seen each other when we played golf together 5 or 6 years ago with a fellow high school varsity golf teammate Tom S. I sent Lee F. an e-mail to see if he might be available to play a round of golf with my son and me when we were in town. He enthusiastically responded, “Yes,” and got us a time tee at a local course we had played many times together.

I moved to Tacoma at the beginning of 5th grade. One of the first people I met was Lee F. at the church my family decided to go to. We lived in an apartment for the first year we were in Tacoma, and moved into a house the summer before 6th grade. It just so happened we picked a home up the street from Lee F. We became best buddies. I can’t tell you how many games of one-on-one basketball we played on his driveway hoop. But the real bond Lee and I shared growing up was golf. He and his father took me out to the Meadow Park short nine for one of my first rounds of golf. It was also at Meadow Park that we both made the junior high golf team as 7th graders. And we played together on every golf team through our senior year of high school. We have played hundreds and hundreds of rounds of golf together.

My son and I were in the golf course parking lot pulling on our shoes when he walked over. Except for the white hair on his head, he looks exactly the same as in high school. I on the other hand have gained 100 pounds and have gray whiskers in my goatee (I guess the fact that I can actually grow a goatee has also changed for me). Other than that, it’s like a day hadn’t passed.

The really fun part was we both remembered the other’s golf game like we were still on the same team. With the exceptions of he hit his driver straighter and I putted the ball straighter, our games were eerily similar to where they were 30 years ago, just in older bodies. I think we would have given our high school bodies a pretty good run for their money, I surely would have out thought my high school self. I had a great day with an old friend.

I think the true measure of a friend is when it seems like yesterday was the last time you were together even if it was actually years ago. We talked for 18 holes like two junior high school girls. It was great to see him.

For months, I had been telling my son to get more involved in his college with trying out for the golf team as one of the potential options. When he and I were driving back to meet up with my parents, I started to give him the “here are all the reasons you should play but most importantly the relationships you carry with you for a lifetime” speech. He interrupted. “I get it Dad; that was pretty cool.” Thanks Lee F.

I had a great round of golf the other day with my good friend and teammate. Hopefully, we can get Tom S. out the next I’m in town.

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