posted by Joe Anaya on November 4th, 2011

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of TV. I mean, a LOT. I was one of those kids that pushed the curve upwards to counteract the kids who didn’t watch any television. I watched TV before school, after school, before dinner and before bedtime. I’m sure all that television watching had something to do with my eventual career path. Anyway, here are my top ten live-action television shows from childhood, including syndicated, Saturday morning and primetime television.

10) Six Million Dollar Man: I remember me and all my friends running in slow motion making chh-chh-chh-chh sounds. Fembots, Sasquatch, part man, part machine, and his girlfriend was the Bionic Woman. Pure awesomeness. Even though her show wasn’t as good as Steve Austin’s, I had a big crush on Jamie Sommers. (Side note: I was once almost run over by Oscar Goldman in a studio parking lot.)

9) The Partridge Family: A family that travels and performs concerts, how cool is that? I had a big crush on Laurie.

8 ) Wild Kingdom: I have fond memories of sitting down with the family on Sunday nights to watch Marlin Perkins endanger Jim’s life by putting him next to ferocious animals.

7) Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: Action adventure in mystery form. Once in awhile, I could figure it out before they did. And I had a big crush on Pamela Sue Martin.

6) Battlestar Galactica (1978-79): I was a bit of a geek when I was a kid. I didn’t notice the cheesiness of the show, just the awesome battle between humans and the evil robots trying to eliminate them. And I had a crush on Athena.

5) Lancelot Link-Secret Chimp: The title says it all. Totally awesome. No, I didn’t have a crush on Mata Hairy.

4) Wild, Wild, West: My friends and I would constantly argue over who got to be James West with the knife in his shoe and a gun up his sleeve, and who had to be Artemus Gordon with the silly disguises.

3) Gilligan’s Island: This may be where my fixation on redheads originated. Despite current trends, I’ve always been a Ginger man.

2) Batman: Holy TV remote, Batman. I still enjoy Adam West’s campy take on the caped crusader. And it had all the POWs, KAWOKs and BIFFs a boy could handle. And yes, I had a crush on  another redhead, Batgirl. (Barbara Gordon was brunette.)

1) Star Trek: As mentioned earlier, I am a bit of a geek. I loved the adventures of Capt. Kirk and crew so much that I chose my confirmation name, James, not from the patron saint of laborers, but from “James” T. Kirk.

(Top 10 animated shows will probably be a later post.)

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