posted by Joe Anaya on November 14th, 2011

Recently, my wife and I were spending time with another couple and the other wife starts talking about “Goddess Empowerment.” Turns out, a few months ago, she attended a retreat for women using the history of goddesses throughout different cultures to help model a powerful behavior for themselves while dealing with life’s issues. Strength, bravery, righteousness; basically not allowing yourself to be put upon, standing up for what you, as a woman, want or believe in. Our friend is so enthusiastic that she tries recruiting my wife for the next retreat. Her husband retorts, “Yeah, that’s what she needs, MORE empowerment.”

One of the things I love about my wife is that she does not have issues with empowerment. Supremely confident, she’ll take a job lacking some of the skills required, figuring she can learn what’s missing along the way. She is always eager to “help,” either by telling someone (mostly me) how it could be done better or by offering assistance (mostly volunteering mine). She can turn the power on and off, as easily as you can get water from the tap. “What do you mean you won’t give me cash back? I don’t want a store credit. I want my money back now!” When these conversations start, I usually wander over to the electronics department. And as sure as earthquakes shake buildings, she shows up shortly with cash in hand and we enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Once, when she was wronged by her boss, she stormed into his office and gave him an earful. Fortunately, she is good at her job and didn’t get fired but more importantly he never pulled the offending act again. Months later, at the office Christmas party, after it had all blown over, I’m chatting with her boss and mention, “She’s Irish-Italian AND a redhead. Don’t piss her off.” Everyone in earshot laughs and her boss gets a serious look and sheepishly allows, “You’re not kidding.”

When our friend suggested, “You should sign up for the class,” I thought to myself, “Have you not met my wife?” She does not need goddess empowerment; she IS a goddess.

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