posted by Matt W on October 26th, 2011

Starting a blog has been interesting for a variety of reasons. It’s fun to have an outlet to vent on a variety of subjects, and the increased time spent talking to Joe A. has been great. One part that I did not anticipate coming into blogging was the number of comments that we get regarding our blog. Many are from subscribers and readers and we appreciate those. I would like to take a little time to share and respond to others.

“I think this is among the most vital information for me. And I’m glad reading your article.” Thank you for you comments on “Haircuts and Lapdogs.” While most did not take the time to truly appreciate this “vital information” like yourself, later in life they too will remember the importance of regular haircuts and getting a real dog instead of a rat, truly insightful. And Joe A. and I are looking for ways to break into the Guam market because of you.

The comment on “Who Are The Best Drivers” was, “There definitely are too many people who just don’t know the real facts behind this. I hope more people would go out and educate themself on this matter.” All I have to say is I am glad to have helped educate the masses and served as a subject matter expert on this important topic I can assure you that my wife and sons agree with your assessment of me being a “true leader” in this important topic. Thanks. thought “Doug Flutie” was a taboo topic, sorry Doug. And I received a B+ for my effort on my “Daisy Dukes and Thug Shorts” post. Why couldn’t I have had as a high school English teacher?

Another comment was “What do you do about students who talk too much? Are there techniques you have for dealing with distracting comments or comments that do not move the discussion forward?” While this comment might seem insightful if it was referring to “There Is No Such Thing As A Stupid Question, Not Really” blog, it seems a little out of place when referring to my “Mood Ring Lizard” post. Thanks to curingprematureejeculation for the nice effort. Maybe we can get you to do a guest post in your area of expertise later on; after all, we try to focus on middle-aged male issues. Along the same lines, the ”Sexy-time right now!” comment while appropriate for Joe A’s “Eva Menendez” post seemed very out of place in reference to my dog’s “Gentle Anal Gland Expression (GAGE)” post.

Great69sex is probably our most frequent poster, and his broken English and vile suggestions are always good for a laugh or a cringe. Unfortunately, I cannot share his true insight into our writing but I can assure you, he is a big fan.

Well, as we have deleted hundreds and hundreds of comments, I could do this all day, but I will leave you with this. Comments on the Male Pattern Madness site and the Facebook page are greatly appreciated. We enjoy hearing from “real” readers, whether we make you laugh, cry, or deeply offend you with our writings. We consider reader comments while upgrading our content, but remember that the whole reason we started this site was we are middle-aged men getting fatter and slower, so it might take awhile to change.

Thanks for reading and remember, we would love to hear from all of you regarding our posts, except you great69sex, I don’t think I can’t take it anymore.

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