posted by Joe Anaya on September 2nd, 2011

The other day my son was going through his treasure drawer, a drawer were he keeps all the interesting things he finds.  Peeking into my kid’s drawer was like peeking into my childhood. I remember having a cigar box full of my worldly treasures, all of which are gone. But some I remember fondly like a rusty folded soda-bottle cap that I imagined as a robot clam shell, a shiny red rock (I don’t remember where I got it), and a Family Affair watch that stopped working but I imagined controlled a giant robot like Gigantor. But I’m sure similar treasures have been stashed by all boys at one time or another. Here are the contents of my son’s drawer:

a bottle cap,

4 large pine cones,

2 tiny pine cones,

clam shells,

an oyster shell,

a snail shell,

miniture rubber sandals,

a plastic fish,


a shiny rock,

a striped rock,

a speckled rock,

a jagged rock,

a piece of coral,

a chunk of concrete,

a left over carnival ticket stub,

a binder clip,

a feather,

a gas BBQ regulator,

a piece of bark,

dried flower petals (may have been fresh at one time),

a plastic bb,

dried seed pods, and

a piece of glass that looks like wrapped hard candy.

File Under King of the Castle